Entschuldigung / lo siento / sorry - Wegens een stroom probleem in ons pakhuis duurt de verzending langer dan je van ons gewend bent

Degos & Re-Done - Risk The Dark (CD-Album)

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The CD contains 1 disk. Total playtime: 52 min

With almost ten years of experience and more than 50 released tracks, collabs and remixes, Degos & Re-Done have justified the diversity of their musical skill set. Every track they’ve created so far was formulated with same modus operandi; create something new, fresh and exciting, never to duplicate a previous achievement. Now the time was finally right to put this approach to the test in their ultimate musical project: their first artist album “Risk The Dark”. Sporting fifteen brand spanking new songs, the album includes solo hits “I Am Lost”, “The Drums” and titular song “Risk The Dark” plus collaborations with B-Front, Digital Punk, MYST, Sub Sonik, Bass Chaserz, Endymion, Furyan, RVAGE and Crystal Mad. From uplifting melodies to dark & destructive kickdrums, Risk The Dark is the ultimate benchmark for the musical capabilities of these veteran rawstyle producers. Take a step forward into the unknown, because in order to see the light, you have to risk the dark.

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